this darn cold.

hi friends, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I think this cold has got me, literally. and I’ve got to rest up, I leave for my trip on Sunday! I’ll be back tomorrow with a really great sale to tell you about, but after that, I probably won’t be back around until Friday. type to you then!
{photo from lille_my}

10 Responses to “this darn cold.”

  1. katie said:

    lovely photo–and lucky you traveling to the philipines! i’ve been fantasizing [rather excessively] about traveling somewhere where palm trees grow this winter, but i’m quite sure those visions won’t materialize anytime soon! hope the cold goes away before your trip!

  2. famapa said:

    oh no!! hope you get better in time, my sis flew off to the philippines today to visit our mum and she was fighting a bout of tonsilitis! hit the propolis and vit c I say!!

  3. Laura said:

    i’m always scared of getting sick before a big trip, cause its happened to me before. hope you beat it and have a great time!

  4. Erin said:

    That bed looks so comfy!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Fanny said:

    Oh, hope you feel better soon!
    I’ve also been felling under the weather too, it’s going around..
    You have a very cosy bed to rest up in though.
    Lots of oranges and sleep and tea, usually does the trick!
    : )

  6. paula said:

    oh i do hope you better before your trip. my kiddos have been fighting the bug for about a month now, ugh.

  7. Nicole Marie said:

    its so cold here too! feel better!

  8. leslie said:

    i hope you get better. real soon. and i hope you have a super holiday. on the beach. lucky duck!

  9. Mary-Laure said:

    My own cold-fighting tip: keeping my pooch curled up on my feet…

  10. Jessica said:

    that bed just looks so damn comfortable. I want to lay in it now.