wiksten holiday

Jenny, you’ve out done yourself… the holiday shop looks amaaaaazing.
the Wiksten shop opens on Wednesday.

10 Responses to “wiksten holiday”

  1. jenny gordy said:

    thank you so much, alyson! you are so nice. : )

  2. katie said:

    i’m not usually much of a clothes person, but these are lovely!

  3. Laura said:

    Hmmph! I shouldn’t have spent all my Christmas funds! Someday I will get my hot little hands on one of her beautiful Tova blouses…

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    Glad to see a model who actually SMILES. :)

  5. Roberta Jane said:

    I need that plaid top!

  6. ozetta said:

    such a great collection! jenny always comes out with just the right things each season! beautiful!

  7. ambika said:

    That plaid top is amazing. Love the double button placket!

  8. darling dexter said:

    i completely agree–i love this batch of photos!