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sponsor – beebee mod

join me in welcoming the newest addition to the Unruly Things sponsors, Beebee Mod, a children’s clothing line dedicated to the art of handmade goods. not only does the shop stock cute handmade clothing, it also stocks fabric and supplies to make your own creations! Jen is the fantastic lady behind Beebee Mod, and a wonderful photographer. be sure to stop by her photoblog, Americana, with a fresh new header designed by Seventy and Sunny!


if you are interested in advertising on Unruly Things, please contact me and I’ll send you a media kit with our advertising specs! I’ve priced it just right for small business and shops.


oh domino…

oh my gosh…. you may or may not have heard the news, but Conde Nast has decided to stop publication of Domino. I am absolutely heart broken. I love that monthly bit of inspiration in my mailbox. I love having a tangible source for inspiration, not that I don’t love the internet, but Domino is constantly a source for my “idea notebook” which I fill with pages of magazine clippings. after the demise of Blueprint, I had hoped that Domino with thrive being such a cool magazine, but I guess this is just another sign of our economic troubles. I wonder if they still plan to keep their website and blogs afloat?
{thanks for telling me, Sarah}


it’s a gig

dlb and I went to see Department of Eagles last night at Doug Fir. it was amazing. I love their sound and the concert did not disappoint. usually dlb and I like to buy shirts at the shows we go to but only if they shirt is really cool. by the end of the show, I was really tired and didn’t feel like pushing through the crowd to go to the ATM so we passed up on a really great DOE shirt with an owl on it that I figured we could find online.
after doing a little bit of net searching this morning, I’ve come up empty on the owl shirt, but I did find these really cool gig posters by Jason Munn. he’s my favorite gig poster designer. I just love the simplicity and clean look of his style. I’d happily have more than one of his posters on my walls. {the Stars poster I bought in um, 2007, is one of the prints I need to hang. maybe I should get to those first so I’ll be able to cross something off my list}
{from insound}