27 things.

today is my birthday. I had a nice, relaxing weekend. dinner with dlb on Saturday, snacks and shopping with Amy yesterday, got a new hat and some new airplants… but today just feels like any other day. is that a sign that I’m getting old? *sigh* birthdays just aren’t like what they used to be.

on another note…. because I’m always inspired by this lovely lady, I’ve decided not to write a list of resolutions but rather a list of things that I’d like to do in this coming year. I’ve been working on this list for weeks now. I’m a list maker – it’s hard coming up with just a certain amount of things for a to do list and of course, they aren’t in just any random order. some are a bit of a stretch, but what’s a list of goals with a bunch of easy peasy things to complete? anyway, here’s a list of 27 things that I would like to do before I turn 28 next year. and thanks for the birthday wishes. you guys are amazing.


1. clean out my closet {done, a few times}
2. get my scuba certification
3. buy a piano {sadly, not done}
4. and learn to play this
5. take a sewing class {maybe next year?}
6. perform sirsasana {done}
7. bake a perfect cheesecake
8. spend less time in the car {eh… I didn’t do so well at this one. I should try harder this year.}
9. walk through oneonta gorge {no! but it’s on my must do list this summer.}
10. spend a day at omsi
11. begin a new project {done}
12. buy a nice leather purse {done}
13. learn to play a new instrument {I’ve been playing the autoharp}
14. develop more film
15. read a classic novel
16. find a new hobby and stick to it {done}
17. be a better saver {kind of done}
18. create a dedicated studio space
19. write more letters {done}
20. camp off trail with a gps {we camped off trail without a gps, and had to feel our way to the right place}
21. frame and hang all of the prints we’ve got {almost done}
22. try knitting, again
23. create a budget list {done}
24. brew beer
25. plant vegetables and flowers
26. become a home owner
27. spend more time at the farmer’s markets {done, and bought into a CSA}

and there it is. happy birthday to me.


44 Responses to “27 things.”

  1. Borda said:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and think of all the ways we used to spend our birthdays back when they were “a big deal.”

  2. Krysthopher said:

    Happy Birthday Alyson!!! I wish you the best of the best of the best (of the best) this year and i hope you can do everything in that amazing to do list…
    (Rubinstein video was amazing! i wish i could play like that!)
    Anyways, have an amazing day! smile and laugh a lot and be happy!
    greetings from argentina!
    and sorry x the bad english… i do the best i can!


  3. Tina said:

    Happy Birthday! You bring your blog viewers much, much joy!

  4. Collins said:

    Happy Birthday Alyson!

  5. Tiffany said:

    From one recent 27-er to another-Happy Birthday. Your list makes me think of all the greatness that can be accomplished this year!!

  6. Casey said:

    Happy Birthday!! I had to chuckle at the feeling that one’s birthday just isn’t what it used to be. I have felt so… hmm… lackluster the past few years about my birthday. I’m determined this year to do something celebratory on my birthday, no matter how “small”. ;) (Probably bake myself a batch of cupcakes!)

    And best of luck to obtaining your scuba certification! I just got mine last summer, and it was a ball doing all the classes and dives. ;) Now my husband and I want to get certified to do deep dives (greater than 80′ or something like that ;)!

  7. Jane Flanagan said:

    Love your list. Birthdays are always a great time to reflect on where you want to be and how to get there. I hope you have fun striking these items off your list and a very Happy Birthday!

  8. Karen Beth said:

    I hope you have the loveliest of birthdays!


    I love your list here. What wonderful things to aspire to in 2009!

    I became a home-owner on Thursday. Such a great (if somewhat overwhelming) feeling.

    Bonne chance!

  9. misadventuresofkellyandkelly said:

    Happy Birthday!!

  10. Sarah said:

    Happy Birthday Alyson! I know how you feel about birthdays! My 27th is in March and I’m just not excited about it… oh well! I like your list though, maybe I’ll do something along those lines this year for me!

  11. Emilia Jane said:

    Happy birthday! Your list is so inspiring!

  12. chelsea said:

    Oh 27 is a good age.Happy Birthday, Alyson!!

  13. shayna said:

    happy birthday, alyson! very lovely list…

  14. Dennise said:

    Happy birthday lovely lady! Your blog always inspires me to take more pictures and to just appreciate the beauty around me. xo

  15. rebecca {at} thrilled by the thought said:

    Happy Birthday! A designated studio space would be lovely.

  16. Courtney said:

    Happy Birthday, Alyson! Here’s wishing you a year filled with all 27 things on your list.

  17. A Beautiful Mind said:

    Happy Birthday! What an amazing list. I always make a few resolutions on my birthday each year, but I like your list idea even better. Here’s to an amazing year of being 27 :-)Good to here it is off to a smooth start.

  18. nikole said:

    happy birthday my friend.

  19. Shelby said:

    Happy HAPPY birthday!!

  20. Amy Olson Jewelry said:

    happy birthday, Alyson! I’m happy to hear that it was a lovely day!

  21. UNIFORM Studio said:

    Happy Birthday!
    A great list -here’s hoping that you accomplish it all and more:)

  22. Julia said:

    happy birthday alyson! i’m just catching up since you’ve been back. i looove this list. so many fun things to look forward to this year (and i have many of the same goals too!). i hope twenty seven is an excellent year for you.

  23. Amy Nieto said:

    You know what’s funny. It only dawned on me now that I am also turning 27 in just 2 months. WOW. That’s… wow.

    Revisions to your list:
    01. Clean your clset NOW.

    05. take sewing class with amy.

    07. bake a perfect cheesecake and share with amy.

    Thank you.

    Happy birthday again my dear!

  24. sulu-design said:

    Happy birthday to you! You’re adorable in that hat. Here’s to a fabulous 27th.

  25. chelsea | arugula press said:

    such a good list!

    i have to say that ‘brew beer’ is on my list for this year too!! maybe we could get together and compare notes afterwards.

    and as for the sewing class- my patternmaking class is pretty good so far! i can send you that way if you are interested.

    happy birthday!

  26. Flora said:

    Happy happy Birthday Alyson! And good luck with your list :)

  27. femme de manille said:

    Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best :)

  28. Countrybelle said:

    i am about to turn 27 too, and i have a similar list, even with some overlap (sewing class!). i hope you have an amazing year and that you accomplish much (if not all) of what you’ve set out to. i have a good feeling about 27…

  29. Astrid said:

    Happy birthday. I love lists like this. I too want to write more letters.

  30. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    Happy birthday! Glad to hear you had a good day!

  31. Joetta said:

    oh, i love my little air plant. They are amazing….they really do not need watered!
    Happy day:)

  32. Joslyn said:

    happy, happy birthday! what a great list.

  33. AlicePleasance said:

    Happy Birthday!
    I’d really love to bake a perfect cheesecake too ;-)

  34. Ana said:

    happy birthday!

    sounds like you have a fantastic year ahead.may you continue to inspire and delight your blog-readers all year round!

  35. Simply Shelby said:

    Bon anniversaire? Alyson!

    Such an adorable and inspiring idea! Next year, you’ll have to make a list of twenty-eight!

    Your number ten struck a chord with me. I remember my family spending several days touring through the OMSI when I was small. Have you never been?

    Also, I love the fact you would like to “try” knitting. Again. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve “tried” knitting.

    I hope you accomplish everything on your list!

  36. the purcells said:

    happy belated birthday!!

  37. summer said:

    happy birthday alyson!

  38. Joanna Goddard said:

    happy birthday! i love your list!!! xoxo

  39. linnea said:

    Happy Birthday Alyson :o)
    I really like your list! I also created a budget list this year… I’ve been tracking all of my spending, and it is helping me save in the process (because I know that if I buy it, I’m going to have to write it down…and answer to myself). Stay warm.

  40. andrea said:

    okay, first of all, happy birthday to you!

    secondly, stellar list! you know how I love a good list.

    and thirdly, thank you. honored to have been an inspiration. truly.


  41. Apt. #34 said:

    Happy happy belated birthday. The blog is look just beautiful! We should follow up on those cards and headers!

  42. meg said:

    first and formost, absolutely adore your bloggage. I have read you often enough and am finally going to post a little commentario your way to say YAY for getting some of that very wonder-filled list checked off! I need to do this on my own blog…and make sure it happens irl, which is actually what I fear not happening…so, happy belated birthday, fab blog, and great writing. I lurve it all. XO