I’m with Joanna. I’d happily dress in Chloe every day if I could.
{via a cup of jo, from chloe}

8 Responses to “chloe”

  1. paula said:

    i think after seeing that dress, i must join you both.

  2. trainersinnightclubs said:

    I am totally inspired by this collection. I finished a skirt with a scalloped hem the other day and have fallen in love with it!
    Abi x

  3. darling dexter said:

    completely agree … that scalloped hem is great as well as everything else in the collection!

  4. nikole said:

    said it there
    but, happy to say so here too.
    chloe everyday sounds great.

  5. Roberta Jane said:

    me too! total perfection… i love the scallop hem!

  6. .kate said:

    Chloes new collection is very practival looking. Dark rich colors and exaggerated lines, its a toss up for me between her and Stella.

    As I can’t afford either, I’d take either of their names.

  7. melly said:

    yes yes yes to those strappy wedges!

  8. Apt. #34 said:

    yum. must win the lottery now!