for the love of leather

i have been wishing for a leather jacket. it is a completely unreasonable wish, for a few reasons;

1) i live in rainy portland.
2) i have a plethora of jackets.
3) i don’t have a spare $600.

nevertheless, a girl can dream. these are my front runners.

clockwise from top: converse black leather bomber from 80s purple, gar-de dolly jacket at oak (on sale!!), wesc ellie jacket at uo, and the alpha firehawk jacket at uo.

18 Responses to “for the love of leather”

  1. {michelle} said:

    Cute jackets!

  2. may said:

    very cute. i’m currently coveting every single muu baa jacket. yep, every single one of them.

  3. Juste said:

    ohh, i love that dark brown, perfect..

  4. erica said:

    the cropped, close fit of these is such an improvement. there’s nothing worse than a bulky, ill-fitting leather jacket or coat. they really give me the creeps, but i can see how they’re very practical in colder places.

    i just bought a leather aviator cap lined in cashmere, and boy does it block out the bone-chilling wind! but i do have to be really careful about the rain and snow…

  5. Sal said:

    That gar-de dolly jacket is 100% gorgeous.

  6. Megan said:

    i love my leather jacket and i’m really trying to incorporate it into the rest of my wardrobe so I can start wearing it more. Great picks-they all are gorgeous!

  7. Kate said:

    I was coveting too so I bought one that’s not real leather, but is very convincing. But I miss the smell and feel of it!

  8. Afton said:

    yeah it’s hard to beat the real thing!

  9. Chris said:

    Mmm, we are sharing the same dream. I’ve recently been thinking about these, too. Especially one in a lovely cognac or camel color. But alas, I too have too many jackets right now, and money is tight. And maybe if I wait a while the urgency will fade? :)

  10. Rebecca @ Thrilled by the Thought said:

    I LOVE that dark brown one-especially with that skirt!

  11. sarai said:

    Have you thought about vintage? I have a little cropped leather jacket that looks very much like the first one – $30 on ebay!

    I have been lusting over one of the leather jackets from Soia & Kyo, I think you might like them! Still a chunk of change, but not $600 at least. :)

  12. Jessica said:

    oooo I am loving all over this stuff…fantastic!!

  13. frannie said:

    oh my! I want both the lower jackets! GORGEOUS!!!!

  14. Katy said:

    I have been hearting leather jackets lately too! I love the ones you chose. I also LOVE your blog :)

  15. Summer Lane said:

    that is so weird-(and funny) i have your blog saved to my favorites and here i am reading it and im the girl in the top left picture with the black leather jacket. bad picture of me- but 80spurple has some good stuff! i also i have a great leather looking jacket- which is from forever 21 and i get so many compliments on it- it was only 35$$! you should take a look on their site.

  16. Jane Flanagan said:

    I just bought a little grey Theory leather jacket that I won’t get to wear for months yet! But it was half off and I touched it and couldn’t resist…

  17. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:


  18. Camnista said:

    Okay, so I have been on the very same hunt for months now! My black fake leather hooded jacket from Urban Outiftters finally met its maker, but I didn’t expect it to last forever, I’ve had since last year and I wore the hell out of it. The ones they have this season I don’t care for the fit, and the only reason I keep looking there is because I don’t want to spend $600 either! I was in love with my cheapie from Urban. I have yet to find the perfect one that is reasonably priced, black, and hooded. I love your bottom 2 selections though!