for your listening pleasure

if you haven’t heard of bon iver…

where have you been?!

i kid, i kid. but really, if you haven’t had the chance to listen to his first album, for emma, forever ago, go do it! really. truly amazing song writing, with a beautiful and unique falsetto. strangely enough, bon iver (meaning good winter in french, and spelled incorrectly on purpose) and i went to college in wisconsin together. of course at that time, he was just justin vernon, a regular guy who worked at a small magazine with me and ran with the same pals. (i’m totally playing the i knew him when card here). now, he is this amazingly successful, semi-famous musician, who has received international praise for his first solo album. it makes me smile a little to think about our familiar days in little old eau claire, wisconsin.

Black Cab Sessions – Bon Iver from Aaron Landry on Vimeo.

his second release, blood bank, comes out this month. i got a sneak listen, and you’re in for a treat.

16 Responses to “for your listening pleasure”

  1. ionuca said:

    Oh, he’s my newest obsession! I had one-week-listening-obsessively-to-Bon-Iver. And even now, when I turn on the computer or my iPod, the first thing I listen to is Bon Iver :)

  2. beautifulpaper said:

    I love “For Emma…” – I think I first found Bon Iver via one of the glowing reviews on Pitchfork, but it’s been on my iPod playlist ever since. I’m also very much enjoying Fleet Foxes right now…

  3. marionpauline said:

    i’m literally listening to him right at this moment! love it!

  4. jen j-m said:

    love this! and i love his music. a lot.
    thanks for sharing it!

  5. Lynne said:

    How funny. My friend is totally obsessed with him – I must send this to him.

  6. Deann B. said:

    Coincidentally, I was listening to their album just as this came up in my google reader. I love Bon Iver!

  7. Krystal said:

    he’s great – ‘Skinny Love’ is my fave…

  8. the purcells said:

    skinny love is great and the whole album is amazing and not left my cd player in months!! you have great musical taste :)

  9. Deb said:

    I don’t blame you for playing the “I knew him when” card! He’s absolutely wonderful, I just recently posted a few of his videos from la blogotheque onto my blog.

  10. katrina said:

    love bon iver.

  11. Aran said:

    one of my obsessions of last year!

  12. sistersandsparrows said:

    oh, the ‘i knew him when’ card must be so, so gratifying. go for it. tell everyone!
    he does sound great, as well.

  13. Amanda said:


    I know I don’t know you at all but I stumbled on this post from a high school friend jess from “living the swell life”. I live in Eau Claire and it’s so good to hear that the band is reaching out to so many people. I had the privilege of going to the concert he held in Eau Claire for all his family and friends. Do you remember the State Theater downtown over by the public library? That’s where he had it and it was so amazing to hear him live. It’s so nice to see that his music has been heard by so many people…keep spreading the love!

  14. nicki said:

    yes! I know bon iver and I live in The Netherlands! I think he´s going to be famous in europe…

  15. {michelle} said:

    Hi Alyson-
    Do you still design blog headers for cost? If so, I’m very interested!!

  16. A.Hope said:

    I have recently discovered his incredible music…the emotionality is absolutely perfect for artmaking! He’s always on my “recently played” list on itunes!