good golly, miss molly

is it so terrible that I’m dreaming about owning these little flats in every color? John Frye, you know me too well.
{from zappos}

13 Responses to “good golly, miss molly”

  1. Afton said:

    damn i like the gray ones. or the light yellow.

    i’m noticing a theme in my color choices lately.

  2. Sal said:

    I’m decidedly anti-flat, but dang, those are adorable.

  3. Megan said:

    love the orange and green ones. these are so cute and feminine. i can totally help you rationalize owning every color if need be :)

  4. paula said:

    these are fantastic. i want them all;)

  5. Shelby said:

    Oh I love the orange, and the green, and that butter yellow..

  6. Kelly said:

    oh no… i need new flats horrible and these are too freakin’ perfect. dammit!!

    but thanks. :)


  7. Eve said:

    Those are adorable! I love the green and the orange ones!

  8. Alicia said:

    I too would like them all, but my bank account won’t allow for that…boo. Maybe one pair but what color to choose?!

  9. megan said:

    I would happily have one of each colour! :)

  10. Brooke said:

    I love flats of all kinds and these are so pretty, especially with all the color choices!

  11. frannie said:

    omg I want!! Why are they so much though! :(