oh domino…

oh my gosh…. you may or may not have heard the news, but Conde Nast has decided to stop publication of Domino. I am absolutely heart broken. I love that monthly bit of inspiration in my mailbox. I love having a tangible source for inspiration, not that I don’t love the internet, but Domino is constantly a source for my “idea notebook” which I fill with pages of magazine clippings. after the demise of Blueprint, I had hoped that Domino with thrive being such a cool magazine, but I guess this is just another sign of our economic troubles. I wonder if they still plan to keep their website and blogs afloat?
{thanks for telling me, Sarah}

14 Responses to “oh domino…”

  1. Michelle said:

    from what I’ve read they’re also closing the website. yikes!

  2. alyson. said:

    oh no! really sad news…

  3. Michelle said:

    This seems to be the thing, no one is happy about this, especially not me!

  4. Lina said:

    oh no! I just bought a subscription… that is sad.

  5. Eunice said:

    that’s heartbreaking! domino is the only magazine i try to read whenever im on magazine aisles… or i have extra money that’s what i buy. i’m really sad.

  6. marionpauline said:

    yeah, this is so sad :(

  7. Aran said:

    so sad… i read that they are shutting down the web site and blog too. i cannot believe it!

  8. meri said:

    Oh my god that kills me. I was heartbroken when Blueprint stopping publishing and now it’s Domino? So sad

  9. Amy Nieto said:

    You are freakin kiddding me. This has got to stop. Everyday we’re bombarded with sad news.

    Adorn – Blueprint – Domino…who’s next??? For the past week I have actually been organizing my idea notebook (more like actually putting all the tear sheets down finally) and like you, Domino is always that tangible source of great inspiration.

    So upset. :(

  10. the purcells said:

    very sad news indeed. many tears in my dream home book came from domino – although i still have lots from living etc. and met home as well.

  11. Siri said:

    I just got a subscription too! I feel very sad about this. Is there anything else out there that can fill the void?

  12. Anonymous said:

    ah, that’s awful! it is such a great magazine.