I miss my long hair.
and now I really want some ochre colored pants.
{from garance doré}

3 Responses to “sigh”

  1. andrea said:

    I've been increasingly obsessed with long hair over the past few years. It can be so powerful, you know?

    LONG HAIR DON'T CARE (actually a Lil' Wayne quote & simultaneously my mantra in life)

  2. pigeon.toed said:

    forget the long hair and let’s talk about the pants!

    just kidding (sort of)…i’ve had short hair since high school and for the last year i’ve been trying to grow out my hair. it’s the hardest for me when i see pictures of girls with cute, short haircuts. i’m always so tempted to jump in the car and go to the nearest salon!

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    How long was your hair?

    ETA: lol my word verification is “rubbing”. The 12 year old in me chuckles.