sword + fern

let’s be real here. we are all mighty envious of alyson’s warm weather tropical getaway. it is that time of year, when the gray is getting pretty tired, the holidays have come and gone, we’re tired of the snow and rain (after having braved the worst storm portland has seen in 40 years!) and we’re all craving just a glimmer of sun and warmth. i’m taking a little break from freckle farm this week to fill in for alyson, and hopefully sprinkle a little bit of inspiration throughout your week to help us all weather the gray skies.

these lovelies come from portland’s own emily baker at sword + fern. she makes all her jewelry from recycled car parts, vintage finds, beach glass, and other repurposed objects. if you are local, you can pay her and her gorgeous creations a visit over on 8th and burnside. if you are elsewhere, swing by her etsy shop and treat yourself to something pretty.

5 Responses to “sword + fern”

  1. marionpauline said:

    hm… i don’t have the excuse of the cold weather to want something new and pretty, but i’m totally coveting that necklace!

  2. angela hardison said:

    lovely indeed.

  3. Ronald said:

    oh… I love discovering new Etsy shops, especially ones with such beautiful jewelry.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE her stuff! I haven’t been to the store in months. Such a treat to just look at her work.

  5. sword+fern said:

    thank you so much for the really sweet post, alyson. come visit !! xo emily