all dressed up

Anthropologie has has some really cute dresses lately.

8 Responses to “all dressed up”

  1. Nicole Marie said:

    very pretty. darn anthropologie and their adorable everything!

  2. kt said:

    yum! i have an anthro gift card that’s just begging to be used…

  3. alisa said:

    dangit. you are almost making me break my no anthropologie/urban outfitters rule.

  4. Roberta Jane said:

    The turquoise dress is so cute and very mod!

  5. Good Apple said:

    I love their dresses…I really like the brown strapless one they have on their website with the green sash.

  6. simplesong said:

    so cute. i particularly like the bottom two.

  7. lauren said:

    Do they ever NOT have beautiful dresses? That place is my weakness!