a block print idea

I love this t-shirt idea from Elisabeth. she’s always so inspiring. now I’m dreaming up ways to block print on my boring t-shirts. too bad I’ve got like a zillion things to do this weekend.
{from fine little day}

3 Responses to “a block print idea”

  1. Pattie Cordova said:

    love this idea… Maybe even stamp in different colors perhaps?

  2. maisiehandspun said:

    this is really good.
    i like the idea of other colours but the grey alone is divine!
    can i buy one??! ;O)

  3. UNIFORM Studio said:

    such a great idea! I love the t-shirt and the pillowcases are wonderful.
    I think I’m going to try some pillowcases too:)
    thanks for the idea.