camilla boutique discount

I always love a good eco-friendly shop. Camilla Boutique is an eco-friendly boutique in Brooklyn that carries clothing for women, men and children as well as home goods and accessories. recognize that adorable Loyale Solano tunic that I’ve gone on and on about? well, heads up. not only is that amazing tunic and lots of other Loyale goodies 40% off at Camilla’s but everything on their site is as well! plus Camilla wanted to offer Unruly Things readers an additional 10% off by entering the coupon code UNRULYTHINGS at the checkout. thanks Camilla!
{I bought the tunic right before I left for my trip and it’s the perfect fit. there it is at the bottom of this pretty stack.}
{from camilla boutique}

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  1. Jane Flanagan said:

    Oooh – this store is new to me! Thanks for the introduction :)

    (btw, your link to them is broken)