hello lovely grey leather

I’m on a mission to recreate this amazing bracelet. first stop, Oregon Leather Company.
{from hejfina}

8 Responses to “hello lovely grey leather”

  1. Jessica said:

    this is a great bracelet and I love how it is reclaimed. I hope you make something cool like that.

  2. jen said:

    i think i have to have that.

  3. em ♥ russ said:

    so cute! it looks pretty easy, good luck!

  4. Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said:

    Oh I love it! Beautiful color too!

  5. two brunettes said:

    that is so awesome

  6. knack said:

    this is so fabulous!

  7. Roberta Jane said:

    I like that a lot! I think you definitely could make it!