handy handlebars indeed!
{from hisss illustration}

8 Responses to “hisss”

  1. carina said:

    this is perfection.

  2. Truly Smitten said:

    very interesting!

  3. Lauren K said:

    Oh my! How whimsical!

  4. knack said:

    hey there,

    found your blog through mint, and I love it so much…..I’m headed over to add you to my favorites! xo

  5. ABCDErica said:

    How silly! I do like it.

  6. {michelle} said:

    Wow, no kidding!

  7. seesaw designs said:

    that’s just amazing. my husband would LOVE this.

  8. Enchanted Royals said:

    This posting was certainly effective- I just bought 3 prints for my new apartment! Love it.