a polar bear crew

polar bears, aside from zebras, are definitely my most favorite animal. when I spied these little guys on Ink & Peat’s blog, from a tour of this amazing little store in Berkeley, I suspected that they were by Tamar Mogendorff, who’s little vintage animals I adore. I was right, and now I want the whole crew.
{from tamar mogendorff}

9 Responses to “a polar bear crew”

  1. Jane Flanagan said:

    Super, super sweet.

  2. Sal said:

    Definitely cuddleable.

  3. carina said:

    these are too, too cute.

  4. Michelle said:

    they look so soft! if there was a giant version i’d use it as a cushion

  5. Cheryl said:

    Oh! These are just too sweet. Love them. Also like the ostrich hand sewn drawing below as well. I’ve always had a thing for both. xx

  6. Jinnie N. said:

    they’re so cute!

  7. Jean said:

    I adore her work. she has an amazing eye for color, texture, and form that’s simply precious!