daughters of dawn

another swoon-worthy ebay shop. I pretty much love everything. including the model’s amazing hair.
{from daughters of dawn, photos by tyson fast}


11 Responses to “daughters of dawn”

  1. tiffany said:

    I love the last dress! And you’re right about the hair — but I bet it’s the kind of hair that takes way too long to style everyday!

  2. Kate said:

    wow, such cute stuff. that model is so lovely!

  3. ABCDErica said:

    The model’s hair is envious!

    And the clothes are just as!

  4. Laura said:

    Wow, I’m really liking the shoes too!

  5. Mrs. B. said:

    Oh yes! I love that orange jacket. Wonderful!

  6. Roberta Jane said:

    Oh Hello! The clothes are styled so well, I would happily wear any of these outfits! And totally agree on the hair!

  7. R. said:

    Oh oh oh how I want those brown shoes!


  8. amy said:

    yes i would like that hair very much :)

  9. Helen said:

    i love those knee high socks, they’ll be an inspiration for me when i wear my newly purchased knee highs

  10. debbie said:

    oh, i’m in love!

  11. Daughters of Dawn said:

    thanks for the all the love!
    too sweet, we sure like your blog too! Love Dace clothing!!!