I love…

that he reads my mind and brings me kombucha. I’d been craving it all morning, and what do ya know, dlb shows up at my office with a bottle of Guava Goddess. love that guy. and kombucha. seriously, I’m totally hooked. our kombucha habit is an expensive one and I’ve tried to cut back, really. but it’s so darn good.


I’ve been wanting to try making my own. has anyone made their own kombucha? if so, what were your experiences? I’d love to know.
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  1. Afton said:

    i made my own all summer last year, until my kombucha mommy grew to monstrous proportions and i finally had to let her go. we bottled ours using steve’s beer bottling supplies. it is really easy, and way cheaper than buying it at the store.

    i can see if i can hook you up with a mommy if you are interested!

    word verification is TARDE. ha.

  2. jen downer said:

    i’m recently newly addicted as well! let me know what you find out about making it.
    i want to research the makings of all things fermented. i’m all about making some amazing saurkraut too.

  3. LaLu said:

    my roommates and i brew kombucha and it is really, really easy. i would give you one of our mushrooms but unfortunately we are DC so i don’t think it would ship well! you just have to find someone who brews and they can give you a mother mushroom. once you get it, it is super easy and there are instructions online. you just have to be careful that you brew and store it in glass because it absorbs what it touches so no metal or ceramic or anything of that sort. once you make the tea to put the mushroom in, it takes about a week for the kombucha to be ready. once you bottle it, it’s good to leave it for a few days without opening it because it gets fizzier. we don’t have any fancy bottling equipment- we just use recycled glass bottles from juice or wine or whatever and a funnel to pour it in. it also takes a few brewing cycles for the mushroom to adjust and the kombucha to taste really good. but really it’s easy and not much of a time commitment once you know the routine. hope you can find a mushroom!

    p.s. i never post but i love your blog and this time i just had to say something because i too am definitely addicted to the fizzy nectar of the gods called kombucha.

  4. Karin said:

    really? the kombucha i’ve purchased from whole foods has a funky vinegar-like taste to it. what is a good bottled brand? or maybe it’s just not for me.

  5. alyson. said:

    hey Karin! I think it depends on which one you get, but yes… the vinegar-like taste is characteristic of kombucha and something that your tongue will get used to over time. it is a bit overwhelming at first, but it grows on you. if you want to go at the GT Kombucha again – that’s the brand I like from Whole Foods, I’d recommend the Guava, Mango or Grape. those are my favorites!

  6. Beetles and Bees said:

    Hey Alyson, It is really is so easy if you can find someone to give you a mushroom. I love store-bought Kombucha, but cannot bring myself to make it myself. Too much of a science experiment. My in-laws make their own, and after seeing it fold over and over on itself before being strained, I just couldn’t bear to have that in my fridge. I love Guava Goodness, too!

  7. amystery said:

    I’ve made my own as well, but it just doesn’t taste nearly as good as the GT’s. Have you tried the Trilogy yet? That one is my favorite—raspberry, ginger and lemon..yum! You are right it is an expensive habit though.

  8. Jenny Pilgrim said:

    Hi! I just want to say BE CAREFUL if you do try it. Although kombucha itself is safe, when you’re making your own you have a perfect environment for picking up and fostering other kinds of fungi that waft through the air – many of which are not safe to consume. Lots of people have great experiences brewing their own kombucha, but I’ve heard of people getting really sick too.

  9. Rebecca said:

    my boyfriend and his roommate make their own kombucha, it’s pretty awesome actually.

    it’s also kind of gross, just to warn you!

    best of luck :)

  10. Karin said:

    p.s. i stopped by whole foods this evening and picked up a bottle of guava goddess…drinking it right now…and it is quite good! i thought i had tried this flavor before but i guess i hadn’t. this bottle is also less vinegary than i remembered. shoot, i hope this isn’t me getting hooked to a drink that costs $3.50 a pop! uh oh.

    p.p.s. or is it p.s.s.? anyway, it’s too bad trader joe’s doesn’t sell a cheaper version or make their own!

  11. ryan said:

    You can pick up a scoby (the actual name for the kombucha culture) through the kombucha exchange network. http://www.kombu.de/suche2.htm

    Things to know:

    Scoby = symbiotic culture of yeast & bacteria (not a mushroom!)

    never use tea that contains an oil, that will kill your scoby

    never ferment your tea mixed with any other thing than tea/sugar/kombucha – it will change the chemical composition of your scoby

    ferment somewhere that is clean (not the kitchen or bathroom) and maintains a temp of 75

    concentric circles = mold = throw it away!

    Need anymore help, let me know.
    Happy Brewing!

  12. abby said:

    i just found these two links, as i have been interested in brewing myself, and finally made some effort to look for a scoby: