my dream wardrobe looks like this:

I could seriously live in this collection.
{from sandro paris, via vain & vapid}

11 Responses to “my dream wardrobe looks like this:”

  1. Sal said:

    Loving those handbags.

  2. [J] said:

    Understandably so!

  3. bonnie tsang said:

    Perfect wear for my meetings with clients.

  4. Rachel said:

    Does that perfect haircut come with it?

  5. alyson. said:

    ha, Rachel I wish!! my hair never looks that cute when it’s short.

  6. Tiffany said:

    this would be me trying to be a lady, which does not translate to: vintage tees and jeans. dangit.

  7. Emily said:

    Oh me too! I adore the first 3 outfits.

  8. simplesong said:

    sigh … me too. this is perfection.

  9. Amy Nieto said:

    The ruffly gray dress and the gray scarf are absolutely beautiful. I’d totally wear them too.