my weekend

…consisted of lots of delicious home cooked meals and celebrations.
what about yours?
{recipes on milk eggs chocolate and freckle farm}


20 Responses to “my weekend”

  1. Miss B. said:

    Are these your gorgeous home cooked meals? My goodness! Your blog is so very pretty all the time…


    Miss B.

  2. the purcells said:

    yum – looks like a delicious weekend!

  3. Sarah said:

    Oh my that looks amazing. Can’t wait see the recipes and if they’re going to be do-able for me! :)

  4. Jessica said:

    Your weekend looks sooo delicious, I love the top photo

  5. erin said:

    yum! what a delicious weekend!

  6. Kathleen said:

    Weekends full of great food are the best. This all looks delicious.

  7. Jane Flanagan said:

    Mmm – all of this looks divinely tasty!

  8. Pattie Cordova said:

    sigh… that looks like a great weekend.

  9. Sara Christine said:

    Your pies never cease to astound. Looks like a deeeeelicious weekend. Here’s to a happy week!

  10. simplesong said:

    YUM. This looks like the perfect weekend to me. And such lovely photos, Alyson!

  11. Alicia said:

    The ravioli look amazing…definitely going on the list of things to make – thanks!

  12. simplyblogged said:

    yummy food and beautiful photography, can’t beat it.

  13. Nicole said:

    What exactly is the top photo? It looks amazing.

  14. art4friends said:

    my. dream. weekend.

    I aspire to entertain this way one day. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  15. Apt. #34 said:

    if those are homecooked meals then I want to come to your house! I’m headed down to Portland in a couple of weeks – any new foodie finds I should be sure to check out?

  16. fleur_delicious said:

    mmmm, yes, I would also love to know what flavours these beautiful dishes contain. Would you reveal your secrets? Please?

    Also, what are you drinking in that second photo? (such a handsome glass – and such a handsome table, too!)

  17. cneu said:

    gorgeous! I love them all, but the top shot is just super-extra beautiful

  18. Joanna Goddard said:

    YUM. i love these photos.

  19. Michelle said:

    Oh my gosh, I wish I could cook like that. I really need to expand my cooking horizons.