neutral territory

I really try to wear bright colors. really, I do. but my heart belongs with grey, black, white, brown, and lighter shades in between. I really love these neutral looks from J. Crew.
{from j. crew}

11 Responses to “neutral territory”

  1. Lauren K said:

    I’m right there with you on that. Neutrals are my best friend when it comes to color clothing choices.

  2. Bethany Lunsford said:

    neutral tones are just so easy and always, always look clean and chic.

    love your blog!

  3. Karin said:

    this j.crew model’s skin tone is beautiful and lends itself to neutral tones. on a very white, white girl (like myself), neutrals can wash you out.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    My skin needs to return to its hot Caribbean tone.

    On that note, that strapless dress is BEAUTIFUL.

    Also, because I made copies of your apt keys w/o your consent, one of these days I will sneak in your place, knock you out and put some SUPER bright colored clothes on you. Just so I can see you in bright colors. Then you’ll wake up with an odd sensation that you were wearing brigt colors and it will actually affect your clothing choices from there on.

    Also, wow that was very creepy.

  5. paula said:

    Oh me too. I really can not get enough.

  6. barbara smith said:

    that dress is perfect, and i loove those delicate looking sandals on the bottom-right.

  7. Megan said:

    Couldn’t agree more–I snatched up that dress the second I saw it. Ordered a couple other things from this photo collection as well. Darn those well-designed emailers…

    Love your blog, by the way. Been reading for months, but this might be my first comment. (Hello!)

  8. Rita said:

    I love the new design, so light and airy!
    I try to wear colors, too. I love colors, why shouldn’t I? But when you get dressed half-asleep and in the dark, you need things to match just a little. And J. Crew makes neutral look so fresh. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Ana said:

    I totally agree. Right now nearly everything I gravitate toward is a shade of gray! These looks are so versitile and so lovely.

  10. Daniella said:

    Ok you and I are on the same page… I totally try to wear brighter colours but I just can’t do it! I loooove neutrals and J.Crew is one of my fav places! Great post!