our terrarium has a new plant. isn’t it cute? I hope it flowers soon.

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  1. Heather said:

    SOOO cute!! Maybe you could do a tutorial on how to make one…?

  2. erin said:

    i agree with heather. adorable! what kind of little guy is it?

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    oh! what a little darling!

  4. two brunettes said:

    how sweeeeeeet is that! adorable. I want one!

  5. aunt.franny said:

    i wanna eat it!

  6. Celine said:

    I love it so much! It looks like a little tree!

  7. Aron said:

    I LOVE IT.

    little plants make me so happy
    especially if theyre potted wonderfully!
    good job!!!

  8. Tammy said:

    What kind of plant is that? It looks wonderful.