rachel comey, I love you.

really, I do. now if only I had an excuse to indulge on these two wonderful dresses…
{from frances may}

8 Responses to “rachel comey, I love you.”

  1. Afton said:

    it’s gretchen!
    goooood dresses.

  2. simplesong said:

    these are so lovely.

    have a great weekend, alyson!

  3. vanessa.e. said:

    need an excuse? first day of spring!

    Love the pink one!! where does she sell her stuff?

  4. alyson. said:

    hi Vanessa! these are all available at Frances May, in Portland. and they have an online shop!

  5. Phone with a Cord said:

    I have a great pair of her shoes they are hand-painted wedges that say seance on a wet afternoon.

  6. me, myself, I said:

    Simply stunning…!!!!