some days

some of my flickr favorites of late.

I’m taking off a day early this week. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and could use an extra day sans blogging. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and type to you on Monday friends!

{backroad, roller ghosts, lily of the valley, untitled}

5 Responses to “some days”

  1. Stompface said:

    rad photos.

    I especially love that ghost one.


  2. Emily said:

    Have a good weekend.

  3. lucĂ­a said:

    HI im starting a blog. i love photography and yours had inspire me to start doing that.
    i hope you could give me a pair of tips to have a nice blog like yourS!
    see you! lucia

  4. JanelleGrace said:

    These are amazing.

  5. Aran said:

    thanks for bringing us closer to new artist. I can fav all of those. i am such a flickr junkie!