summery sundresses

seems like all I can think about these days is wearing my summer dresses. with sandals. no cardigan. and no tights. sigh… these cute dresses from the A.P.C. summer collection are exactly what I want to wear right now.
{from apc}

21 Responses to “summery sundresses”

  1. erin said:

    you have such great finds!

  2. JanelleGrace said:

    These are so cute..

  3. marionpauline said:

    Yeah these are just perfect. I’ve had my eyes on that second one for a while :)

  4. our little love nest said:

    ooooh so cute and I wish I had her gorgeous hair *sigh*

  5. debbie said:

    that striped dress is perfection.

  6. clorivak said:

    oh me too…they look all so light and airy..so pretty!

  7. Rebecca said:

    I feel the same way. At least we’re in the home stretch now!

  8. Joanna Goddard said:

    all so pretty! i liked their shorts, too. xo

  9. Miss B. said:

    I LOVE that you labeled it ‘imaginary closet’ too sweet. I am feeling the same way about now, really in the mood for sandals and summer dresses…

  10. Printspace said:

    these dresses are beautiful…. how do I get them is Australia????

  11. simplesong said:

    big sigh … me too. spring, hurry up and get here!

  12. SHOKOOFEH said:

    Yes, these are simply lovable!

  13. Joslyn said:

    i’m with you…although here in Texas we’re getting awfully close to wearing these dresses!

  14. [J] said:

    Lovely, doesn’t that model have great hair?!

  15. Michelle Parks McCourt said:

    these are so pretty. bring on spring and summer.

  16. mosey said:

    totally agree. I love apc.

  17. whitney said:

    i love summer dresses but for some reason i look bad in them. So depressing! These are very cute!

  18. chicknamedhermia said:

    Those dresses look so airy and light!

  19. amy said:

    agh. all i can think about is wearing these dresses. too bad it snowed last night. :)

  20. Emilia said:

    You seriously need to stop posting things like this. You are making my wallet hurt. :(