this weekend I…

had dessert and gew├╝rztraminer here.
played in her studio.
cooked beet soup.
had breakfast here with her.
added to my air plant family.
enjoyed an extra hour of sunlight.

what about you friends? how did you enjoy day light savings weekend?

12 Responses to “this weekend I…”

  1. Truly Smitten said:

    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!!

  2. Soon, Then said:

    went to bed early, made cupcakes, went for a bike ride, played twister, marveled at the snow, visited The Da Vinci exhibit at OMSI, read a good book, stayed up too late, and slept in. :) weekends are fun!

  3. Jen said:

    Oh. that wine is one of my favorites. We enjoyed warm weather and BBQ-ing.

  4. layersofmeaning said:

    what a great picture!

  5. Kelsey said:

    What a lovely picture. I love air plants. Not only are they lovely, but they’re one of the few plants I can actually keep alive for more than a few weeks!

    Study study study this weekend for me…but I’m glad someone else had a little more fun than I did!

  6. Lisa said:

    Mmmm Screen Door is my favorite. Next time we can sit down with tea, a bunch of bisqueware and a spread of underglaze and REALLY play in the studio. How was Georgie’s?

  7. Helen said:

    That’s a stunning vignette on the shelf. I’m especially fond of the moth (?) drawings, and whatever delicate framed thing is beside it. I’m smitten with your aesthetic ;)

  8. Gabi said:

    ahh, I love your blog :]

  9. Eefje said:

    Great display Alyson! I love the botanic drawing, i’m surching for something like that too. Where did you get it?

  10. Liz said:

    What a fabulous picture! I’m so inspired!

  11. Amy Nieto said:

    And of course, this was snapped right before Moose the Cat decided nothing should be neat and pretty in your apt.

  12. Joanna Goddard said:

    i want to move to portland and be friends with you :)