unruly things meets pigeon toe ceramics

I mentioned before that I’ve been working on a number of really exciting projects and the first one debuted yesterday. the lovely Lisa of Pigeon Toe Ceramics contacted me about a month ago wondering if I’d be interested in collaborating with her on some hand painted ceramics and of course I jumped at the opportunity. if you’ve seen her work, then you’d probably jump at the chance too. her ceramics are beautiful organic pieces including tuck puts and bud vases.
the first piece from our collaboration is now up for sale in a very small quantity in the Pigeon Toe Ceramics shop. look for more pieces from myself and more Portland artists soon!
{from pigeon toe ceramics}

17 Responses to “unruly things meets pigeon toe ceramics”

  1. Casey said:

    it is just beautiful! love it. great job!

  2. debbie said:

    wow, i wish i could afford one of these! you did such a beautiful job :)

  3. jenny_leigh said:

    that is so cute! i love pigeon toe ceramics. great job!

  4. Sarah said:

    Congratulations! Great collaboration! :)

  5. fresh365 said:

    Oh! This is beautiful. Congrats and thank you for introducing me to her work.

  6. chelsea said:

    Beautiful work, Alyson. You are one talented girl.

  7. P. said:

    This is so charming – wonderful collaboration.

  8. Jane Flanagan said:

    Wow – such great work. That’s so exciting!

  9. Kate said:

    alyson this is so awesome!!

  10. Catherine said:

    Oh beautiful, what a wonderful opportunity, i love the inside.

  11. Sal said:

    It’s absolutely stunning!

  12. hello.kelli said:

    so delicate and beautiful…I really love it! I look forward to seeing more of your collaborations next time I’m in Portland..

  13. claire said:

    way to go lady! they’re gorgeous.

  14. Borda said:

    This reminds me of my Mexican finger bowl from the Hotel De La Borda. I use mine for my jewelry when I take it off at night. :)

  15. bess said:

    it’s a beauty! love how delicate and simple it is – quirky too, with the little surprise on the inside.

  16. Mrs.French said:

    so, so pretty…you two work beautifully together….xo t

  17. raquel raney said:

    aah. que cutie.