vanilla bug

how cute is Amy’s new jewelry collection?
p.s. have you seen Baker’s Dozen?
{from tummy ache}

15 Responses to “vanilla bug”

  1. erin said:

    so cute! i’m preparing a little post about brooches now–i’ll have to include this find too–thanks for sharing!

  2. debbie said:

    oh i really want that first one!

  3. Liz! said:

    i reeeeeally like the spoon one! =]

  4. anabela / fieldguided said:

    I love the doily ones so much.

  5. carina said:

    positively charming…

  6. two brunettes said:

    ah! I want the spoon! So cute

  7. paula said:

    Hoe beautiful. Just right up my alley. I must go explore now.

  8. jen jafarzadeh said:

    These are so fun — I especially love the doily pendant.

  9. Jane Flanagan said:

    Love them! I love Fieldguided’s pieces from Baker’s Dozen too!!

  10. Amy@OldSweetSong said:

    PRESH! I must have them.

  11. NikNik191 said:

    I love the spoon!! But I also love the blouse in the picture, where’s it from??!!

  12. [J] said:

    Wow, I really love these, they’re incredibly cute!!

  13. amy said:

    aww thanks alyson!! x

  14. art4friends said:

    baker’s dozen is wonderful.
    i love how it is hot blog topic of the week!

  15. Abie Winfield said:

    Ilove the spooon and the blouse or is it a dress, the one with long sleeves, it is so beautiful!!!