a welcoming give away!


good morning friends!! what an amazing weekend!! I hope you had some sunshine where you are. we had the most incredible weather in Portland. the sunshine and warmth I’ve been waiting for!!

last week I mentioned that I’d be hosting a little give away today, and here it is! I’ve had quite a response to my airplants so I thought I’d share the love. I love them so much and they are super easy to take care of. they look great perched on a shelf or tucked inside a lidless jar! to celebrate the new look of my blog, I’m giving away one airplant to three lucky winners! each one is different and comes with a tag and specimen care sheet. all you need to do is post a comment here before Thursday 10pm PST, and I’ll post the winners Friday morning. the winners will be chosen randomly. good luck!!

177 Responses to “a welcoming give away!”

  1. Stephanie said:

    Awesome giveaway!
    The weather this weekend was awesome!! Cool breeze with sunshine!

  2. elissa said:

    yay!! airplants!

  3. casey said:

    oooh! i would love one of those. count me in.

  4. Leah said:

    So cool! I almost bought one of these on vacation, but was scared it would get smooshed in my bags.

  5. Natalie said:

    Wow! those are amazing plants. I love your blog and I get super excited to read it after work every day. keep up the good work!

  6. Emily said:

    So pretty! And I love how they look together. Thank you for turning me on to these lovely little plants. And THANK GOD for the sun here in pdx this weekend :)

  7. Annie said:

    Yeah! a plant that is easy to take care of, that I can do!

  8. Heather said:

    CUTE! Where can you get this little plants?
    Our weather was nice on the weekend but is miserable today.

  9. kate said:

    what an awesome giveaway! I’ve been looking for an airplant, but the plant stores by me sell them for $40! Which I’m pretty sure is ridiculous.

  10. darlingsavage said:

    i’d love an airplant! and yes, i spent all day outside yesterday in lovely Portland. It was about time the sun came out!

  11. Casey said:

    Your new blog layout is just fantastic! I love it :) I still get so many compliments on mine, and I refer them all to you!

  12. Julie said:

    This would be a great addition to my tiny Manhattan apartment that has no room for larger, potted plants! Loving the new layout by the way, and have a lovely week!

  13. ginny j said:

    Luv the airplants. I’m a big fan of succulents so I think this would be a great way to branch out.

  14. Caitlin C said:

    Oh, lovely air plants! You are so sweet for having a giveaway :)

  15. Jenny said:

    airplants are great!

  16. Samantha said:

    a beautiful makeover of your site and beautiful air plants! hooray!

  17. shari said:

    such a sweet giveaway. i love these air plants.

  18. esther lee said:

    Spring is here and summer is on its way.

    What a wonderful way to welcome them both!

  19. Sarah B. said:

    Great giveaway! What a perfect way to welcome spring into the home!

  20. Sofia Elena said:

    I think your blogs are amazing, and you Flickr photos too!!! I love plants (have lots of them), and being craving for a terrarium since I saw the one you posted.

    You’ll think that i’m saying all of this because I want to be one of the winners, but it’s not, hahaha… I live in Spain, so I don’t think you could send it over here…

    I just wanted you to know that you make people happy, and inspire them with your good energy.



  21. kelly said:

    Who wouldn’t want one of those lovlies…
    p.s. love the redesign

  22. kelly said:

    Who wouldn’t want one of those lovelies…
    p.s. love the redesign

  23. ellie said:

    those plants are so beautiful, and your redesign is perfect. congrats!!

  24. Jessie said:

    These are lovely – finally a plant I might be able to keep alive…

  25. laura said:

    i am really loving the new space! there are so many sweet details. :)

  26. Marie said:

    Hi, Alyson! Those airplants are sooo cute! I’m in love with all the airplants you get :) We spent the afternoon at the beach yesterday and had such a lovely time. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!

  27. Sam said:

    Such a fabulous giveaway! Love these plants.

  28. Megan said:

    I have been reading your blog for forever it seems but I don’t think I have yet to take the time and comment. What a wonderful giveaway! Pick me, pick me, pick me! Since I don’t exactly have a green thumb, (thanks to my mom) these plants sound like they would be perfect. Please enter me in. I am crossing my fingers and wishing luck to come my way. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Heather said:

    How neat! I’ve never heard of airplants, but I’m intrigued.

  30. Kelly said:

    one of these would be per-fect for my newly acquired office!


  31. cindy : quaint said:

    oh, i love air plants. that pink one is so pretty, but beggars can’t be choosers ;). thank you for the nice give away.

  32. Emily said:

    Lovely giveaway! I think these sorts of contests are so much nicer with something handmade (or hand-grown).

  33. Leslie said:

    Those plants are so interesting and fun! And I love the new look of your blog. So clean and modern.

  34. Abbie said:

    What a fun giveaway! These look very neat.

  35. sarah said:

    so pretty! many thanks for the opportunity. :]

  36. Nicole said:

    A lovely spring treat

  37. Leslie said:

    I have a tiny little airplant that would like a buddy. I love their different colors!

  38. jules said:

    Air plants are really such a cool trick of nature, I love the pink one! The blog looks great too! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  39. Kara said:

    what a fabulous giveaway!!! Love the new look.

  40. Bonny said:

    Awww! They’re so cute and funky! I’d love to win. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Julia said:

    I was just thinking about adding airplants to our home!

  42. Mireya said:

    These are great; what a fun giveaway! Love the new look!

  43. moxie said:

    consider me air plant curious.

  44. rachael s said:

    yay for spring + a little plant to liven up our indoors!

  45. Melissa J. said:

    Such cool little plants!

  46. Tonya said:

    those are so sweet! I would love to win one. :)

  47. Sara Christine said:

    Love your new site, and love those precious plants. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  48. caroline said:

    i’ve always wanted an airplant but never know where to find one!

  49. tiffany said:

    oh alyson!
    what an awesome and lovely giveaway!
    we’re totally plant crazy in our house so, there’s no way i could pass this by!
    (and, your new look is so excellent! well done lady… well done!)
    take care!

  50. allison said:

    YAY! Where did you get those, if I don’t win? I WANT THEM.


  51. Jes said:

    I’ll share this pretty lil hiaku. It might help me win a rad air plant!!

    As I look at trees
    I thank the sky for the air
    As my breath leaves me.
    —Shirley Johnson

  52. joslyn said:

    those are divine. loving your new layout. stunning

  53. Becky said:

    Pick me! Pick me! I’ve got just the spot for one of these lovelies!

  54. Kelly said:

    beautiful little plants! We were in Portland last week for vacation and I think we picked the wrong week/weekend! It was so cold and rainy almost every day.

  55. kelly said:

    Air plants are fantastic. My green thumb has yet to show through, so anything that doesn’t need a ton of fussy care is awesome.

  56. Anali said:

    I’m wishing for one! And love the new look by the way. ; )

  57. Theresa said:

    One word: jawesome.


  58. erin said:

    what a great idea! i know i told you already, but i really love your new design. such a fitting giveaway too! glad you had a sunny weekend!

  59. Vanessa said:

    What lovely airplants. Thanks for sharing. I would love one of those. Hopefully I could keep my cat away from it. :)

    It truly has been so lovely here. It has been hard being inside today. Gotta love Portland in springtime!

    ++love the new design.

  60. Briana said:

    aw, I love airplants! My mom always had them when I was growing up, with a little squirt bottle nearby. Time to bring some into my home!

  61. Helen said:

    Oh, I used to have one of these, and I love the little thing. What a sweet giveaway.

  62. Jen B. said:

    Wow! Would love to have one of these… Fingers crossed. :)

  63. Selene said:

    What a unique little giveaway! People give away money and ipods all the time, but an airplant is so much more fun! Maybe you can’t put photos on it, or listen to music on it, but you can listen to music WITH it, right? Isn’t there that saying about plants liking certain types of music… ;) Anyway, I have a tender spot for cute little plants. I love them so much to the point where I try to grow those little 99 cent “love plants” from Rite Aid and the seeds never pop up :( So I think I’m going to explore airplants in a furious attempt to pursue my wannabe green thumb!

    Have a great week!

  64. Meghan said:

    I love the redesign! Great giveaway, too. xoxo

  65. Heidi Jo said:

    How fabulous! I can’t keep plants alive with water so this would be perfect for me!

  66. michelle said:

    such cute little airplants! count me in! thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Ileanna said:

    so… my weather during the weekend was pretty nasty, but today it warmed up SOOOO much, it was fantastic, i managed not to ruin the shoes I was walking home in with all the puddles that seem to evaporate!! Those air plants look so cool… I have never sen any thing quite like it/ them! hmm.. well count me in!

  68. carolyn said:

    i have been coveting your airplant collection for a while…

  69. Amy said:

    A plant I can’t kill? Love it!

  70. krystal said:

    air plants?? i have never heard of those! you always come up with fun things

  71. collins said:

    Fun! I love how little these are. I really love the look of your new blog.

  72. Brooke said:

    oh, alyson! what a great little giveaway!

  73. Tara said:

    love air plants – what an awesome giveaway!!!

  74. jen said:

    i love the new look! and the air plants.

  75. Laura said:

    Airplants, finally something that may survive when I forget. Tough little buggers! Love ‘em!

  76. jennifer said:

    i have a hard time keep plants alive, but i’d love to try with these little guys! so cute :)

  77. marlys said:

    i love air plants!

  78. Sara said:

    I just love your blog — and your pretty air plant display! Must start one of my own.

  79. callie said:

    i would love an air plant! love your blog and the new look.

  80. Martina said:

    Can you do an airplant tutorial at some point, too? I would love to figure out how to make them the way you do…

  81. Renee said:

    I’ve been wanting to try out a low maintenance plant!

  82. julia said:

    i’ve been really wanting an air plant for a while, which probably means i should be more proactive than waiting for contests on blogs. but just in case this kind of procrastination really *is* the way to go…

  83. Vanessa said:

    Neat! Count me in.

  84. Allison said:

    These are super cute!

  85. alice said:

    That is such a lovely giveaway! I really like the new look around here too :)

  86. Sara said:

    these are so pretty!
    And I love the peacefulness about the blog :)

  87. Goretti said:

    That is exactly what is missing in my room!Airplants please! Again, comforting blog, thank you artist.

  88. Theresa said:

    What an exciting giveaway. :)

    The weather in Massachusetts was semi-lovely. While we were at the flea market, it was cloudy and the winds were creating a horrible bitter chill. We drove north to the beach and it was all clear blue skies and a warm-ish breeze. Lovely!

  89. Nicole M. said:

    I think this would be the perfect plant for me, considering I tend to overwater normal plants!

  90. becky said:

    Love the new layout — love the air plants!

  91. jordan said:

    air plants! how whimsical – and boy oh boy you’re blog keeps me alive at office :) thank you for that! cheers!

  92. Alison Chains said:

    I love to have an air plant.

  93. SuzyCat said:

    Just found your blog last week. It’s so lovely: )

  94. trupeach said:

    keeping my fingers crossed for a charming lil’ plant.

  95. gillian said:

    oh! i adore air plants!
    congratulations on the new blog layout – it looks lovely!
    i wish our weather here was as nice as yours.
    yesterday we had snow and wind and and rain and chilly temperatures.
    hopefully this will be the last of it though :)

  96. noeudpap said:

    Your new layout is very pretty!
    Please count me in for the giveaway :)

  97. Laura Brown said:

    Oh my! I would LOVE one!

  98. Jacinda said:

    Those airplants are beautiful. I had never heard of airplants until one of your previous posts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Pam said:

    These are so wonderful! Please include me….from Texas

  100. sara b. said:

    your new layout looks wonderful! i love the new feel it gives the site. i think these air plants are the bees knees! thank you for all of your inspiration!

  101. Karen said:

    I love these! Love the new layout, too!

    Thanks for all you do!

  102. rebecca said:

    lovely,lovely, lovely!

  103. Rachel B. said:

    This is my first visit to your blog- I found you on flickr. Nice giveaway and wonderful blog!

  104. kari said:

    oooh…lovely! i want one!

  105. sally mae said:

    lovely blog and plants. I discovered you through freckle farm!

  106. Veronique said:

    Airplant just has such a mysteriously interesting ring to it!

  107. Caitlin H. said:

    ou la la! the airplants look incredible!

    caitlinhyla at gmail dot com

  108. Karin said:

    They are so cool looking…I’ve wanted one for a while. And they seem fool-proof…just my style! :)

  109. Susan said:

    I just happened to see these little air plant fellas this weekend and thought “how cool are they – I must incorporate them into my life!”

  110. Jessica said:

    LOVE the new site, and Love air plants. Most of all, I NEVER win anything, and would to win one of these little gems for my new home!

  111. hannah said:

    i love the new look and these little plants are adorable!

  112. sarah gdl said:

    looks like a plant i might be able to keep alive…

  113. Jenny said:

    I love air plants and I love your blog! YEAh for giveaways

  114. sherri s. said:

    How sweet…I JUST found your blog (somehow!), and I absolutely love it.

  115. allison said:

    Oh these are great – I’ve been dreaming of where I can put them in my apt for awhile now! Thanks so much! I love the new look of your blog, I’ve been a silent reader for awhile now. :)

  116. dc said:

    pick me pick me! *fingers crossed

  117. Marija said:

    Ah! Those are THE cutest.

  118. Steffany said:

    yay! give aways!
    i’d be so delighted to get one! i have one outside that has the most fantastic purple flowers and it would be great to get a friend for him!
    your blog is one of my favourites!!! thanks

  119. Elena said:

    I have been intrigued by the air plants for some time, so many-many thanks for hosting a generous giveaway! :)

  120. Emily said:

    these might be the only plants i could manage to keep alive…

  121. Julie said:

    yes please! count me in. love the new look too!

  122. gerri said:

    Hurray! I’ve been on the hunt for air plants around my town since seeing them in your blog – please count me in!

  123. eva jorgensen said:

    this is my first time on your blog, and it’s lovely! and i would love to win one of your little airplants. i have the prefect spot picked out already.

  124. hildy said:

    i’ve been wanting to give one to my daughter- it’s the perfect plant for a dorm room! your blog is lovely by the way.

  125. Anne said:

    Coolest plants I’ve ever seen. I would love to win one! Amazing. Thank you!

  126. Erin said:

    A giveaway with a plant? Awesome!!!!

  127. kimberly said:

    are air plants easier to take care of than…dirt plants?? ;)

  128. Candace Hassinger said:

    I’m pretty sure my plants would love to become friends with your plants. :)

  129. sarah said:

    super cool! just moved into a new house and have vowed to decorate with more plants!