airplant winners!!


thank you SO much for the amazing response to these little guys! I’m so happy you love them as much as I do. this morning dlb and I plugged the numbers into a random number generator and came up with three unique winners! here they are!

Julia – I was just thinking about adding airplants to our home!
Becky – pick me! pick me! I’ve got just the spot for one of these lovelies!
Briana – aw, I love airplants! my mom always had them when I was growing up, with a little squirt bottle nearby. time to bring some into my home!

expect an email from me ladies and congratulations!!

6 Responses to “airplant winners!!”

  1. Heather said:

    Where can I pick some of these up? At a local greenhouse??

  2. marc said:

    i love air plants so much. my wife made a big terrarium using succulents and air plants that turned out great. …like an undersea landscape