who knew?

{from endless}


8 Responses to “dockers?”

  1. Helen said:

    Hi Alyson. Any idea why your lovely posts aren’t appearing in my Blogger Reading List? So strange …

    Anyway, I’m glad I popped over here to see if you’d been posting. I have too much fun when I visit your blog.


  2. karyn said:

    no way. those are really really cute. i’ve been wanting a pair of fun yellow shoes for a while now!

  3. emily said:

    Wow dockers, really?
    I really like those shoes the colour is fantastic and I like how the heel isn’t to high. Very summery.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    oh my jesus h christ in all mighty heaven alyson why do you do this to me. you KNOW I want them!!! AHHHH!