heidi merrick



a la la love these dresses from Heidi Merrick. I simply adore the low backs in her Summer ’09 collection.

{from heidi merrick}


24 Responses to “heidi merrick”

  1. sarai said:

    I love her dresses. and I love backless things, perhaps most of all because I can never wear them (being a busty sort of lady).

  2. Marie said:

    Wow they’re so chic! Off to check those dresses now :)

  3. jane said:

    wow. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! thanks for the introduction!

  4. amanda said:

    oh my gawdddd, these are absolute perfection!

  5. joanna goddard said:

    oh how lovely! that top one would even make a pretty, very simple and sweet wedding dress xoxo

  6. rachel said:

    those dresses are so pretty and perfect for spring!

  7. Thorvalda said:

    Fantastic! I love the colors, the combination of colors, the stripes… and the shape.

  8. E said:

    Those are incredible! One can never go wrong with low back cuts, they are so flattering and sexy with a sophisticated edge. Mm!

  9. paula said:

    did you see the long dress with the low back? so swoon worthy.

  10. Anna said:

    I love the white dress. I would wear it as a wedding dress!

  11. Anna said:

    PS. I LOVE your site, Alyson!

  12. Libby said:

    ahh! I LOVE that bottom one! I can’t wait for summer! Why was it still 34 degrees outside this morning when I woke up?!? Enough already!