kitchen crush



I have a major crush on this kitchen.

{from notebook magazine, via decor8}

20 Responses to “kitchen crush”

  1. Susan said:

    me too! The line-up of little cups makes me very happy.

  2. paula said:

    How I love a pretty kitchen. I also love the new look. I changed mine up a lot this week too, but you way blew me out of the water:)

  3. Helen said:

    Oh wow it does look like a perfect kitchen. How i’d like to bake in there :)

  4. Sara Christine said:

    My friend has little mug hooks in her kitchen in Queens. Such an easy way to spice up a kitchen. Must find a way to do this in mine!

  5. caroline said:

    great new site!

    and i’m also crushing on that kitchen.
    so clean!

  6. Summer said:

    Can I marry that kitchen? I think I would if I could.

  7. emily said:

    Oh I can just picture myself making scones and fresh bread in this kitchen.

  8. the purcells said:

    absolutely love this kitchen – i love the simplicity and how everything beautiful is on display.

  9. debbie said:

    oh, goodness. this is too good. i wish i had that much wall space!

    nice to run into you last night, hope you had a lovely dinner.

  10. Ana said:

    Mmmmm. I love open kitchen shelves like this, with everything within grabbing reach.

  11. Alana said:

    beautiful kitchen . . . & lovely new redesign!

  12. melly said:

    so do i now!

    p.s. greattt new layout + design, loving the muted colours :}

  13. Roberta Jane said:

    I love the use of baskets in the kitchen, for some reason that idea had never occurred to me before! Must put in use immediately!

  14. Brit said:

    absolutely love the style of the kitchen with its comfy atmosphere, I would like to start there the day with a cup of coffee…

  15. zeinab said:

    lovely kitchen!