new church & state


I’ve professed my love for Church and State many times. I adore their use of brass buttons and the looks just keep getting better. I can’t get wait to see the photo shoot for this collection.

{via frances may}


16 Responses to “new church & state”

  1. jones said:

    I love their clothes, just wish my wallet did as well . . .

  2. Sal said:

    The back detailing is just lovely.

  3. A Merry Mishap said:

    They have the most feminine clothes! Plus I love seeing their new photos, they’re great as well!

  4. Marie said:

    Wow. This is my kind of dress! I love it!

  5. E said:

    Adorable!!! I love the button details and the thick straps. AH!! How very SPRING!

  6. michael ann said:

    i just stumbled on your site and had to let you know that i love it and everything on it! i’m loving all these incredible dresses you’ve found :]

  7. Jessie said:

    That back is to die for..

    And I love the new site!! :)