orla-ish vintage


I wish I had a good reason why these cuties should be on their way to my house right now.

{from ladies and gentleman}

5 Responses to “orla-ish vintage”

  1. Elle On Guard said:

    Adorable, and they have more personality (history?) than the plastic pear cups I just bought at Target…

  2. Roberta Jane said:

    Those are sooo orla-esque! Good call! Let me know if you ever run across a cute sugar and creamer set like this (of a decently large size)…

  3. Hanna said:

    I swear my sister bought some stuff with this pattern from a thrift store for her wedding!

  4. jen jafarzadeh said:

    love! great find. i wish my husband hadn’t put a moratorium on bringing new dishes into our place :)