succulent wall

file_905 verticalwall

I picked up the April Issue of Sunset Magazine for my flight last week and absolutely fell in love with this succulent wall by Flora Grubb Gardens. also featured yesterday on Design Sponge, Flora Grubb Gardens is a plant enthusiast’s delight, filled with unique displays of succulents and airplants!

{from flora grubb gardens, via sunset magazine}

16 Responses to “succulent wall”

  1. erin said:

    saw these photos yesterday and fell in love. i love all the green against the red wall.

  2. Michelle said:

    That picture is fantastic, so much texture. I need to get into gardening, once I have a yard I’ll be all about it!

  3. Teresa said:

    I have been obsessing over these for weeks. Unreal.

  4. Georgia said:

    how absolutely innovative! i would never have thought that could work. now that’s art!

  5. E said:


    I am trying to figure out which succulants I want to buy on etsy. heee.

  6. paula said:

    This is amazing! I wonder how hard it would be to do…

  7. Dan said:

    Best succelents and coffee in San Francisco!

  8. Naomi said:

    I am very curious as to how you have the succulents secured to the frame. Are they in small plastic pots or in wire? I am impressed with your work. Naomi