remember when I told you that I had a couple of new projects up my sleeve? well today is the day to debut the first one. and it’s not an April Fools joke. Unruly Things has migrated and gotten an entirely new look and we quite like it!!!

for a few weeks now, dlb and I have been working on setting up a brand new site for Unruly Things. it started off with a design that I created, then he worked up the custom template and css and wham. a whole new look. it’s fresh, clean and it shows off my love and obsession with laboratory glass and specimen findings while keeping on the same “unruly” theme as before.

there are a lot of new things, and lots more to come. I’ve done a serious re-work of the blog roll as well as updated the tags. I’m adding a few new features to the blog, including blog of the week and favorite findings!

I really hope you like it friends because I really really do. so browse the new look and be prepared for lots more exciting things to come… including a fantastic giveaway on Monday to celebrate the new blog!!

24 Responses to “surprise!!”

  1. casey said:

    It looks great! What a surprise! Congrats on your new look and move!

  2. joanna goddard said:

    i LOVE the new look!!! congratulations! and thank you so much for keeping me on your blog roll, i’m honored to be in such good company! xoxo

  3. Deb said:

    Congrats on the new look – it’s so fresh, and right in time for spring!

  4. Jen said:

    Oh Alyson! This is so, so lovely.

  5. victoria said:

    Oh, it´s like you say, clean and fresh, and I love it!!

  6. aftonian said:

    woooot! blog-o-the-week! thanks for the shout out, dear.

  7. Anabela said:

    It looks so pretty and fresh… but that’s not a surprise at all! Yay!

  8. Courtney said:

    So exciting and it looks fabulous!!! You two are so darn creative. What a dynamic duo!

  9. debbie said:

    FINALLY! i got it to work :)
    it looks amazing, alyson. you and dlb did a great job.

  10. suann said:

    alyson! i love it! you are so talented. its perfect.

  11. Lina said:

    it’s fantastic, congratulations on the new site!

  12. Erin said:

    my dear this is stellar – you’re taking things to a whole other level – so excited to see where they go! Congrats.