wild & wolf trowel


one of the things that I’m hoping for as we scout out a new home to rent is a place where I can plant some veggies and herbs. not that I don’t enjoy getting my hands dirty but these little scoops would definitely make gardening more fun.

{from doe}

7 Responses to “wild & wolf trowel”

  1. tastymoog said:

    this made me laugh b/c my boyfriend’s mother received the garden tool kit in the top pattern as a gift for xmas, and we all thought they were so cool– not to actually use in a garden, but as wall decoration. they’re too pretty! :)

  2. juste said:

    really yes, when you have these cute scoops, gardening doesn’t look dirty i think:)

  3. Erin said:

    Ooh, I just saw these today in the gift shop of the VanDusen Gardens here in Vancouver. Definitely cute!
    They were a bit pricey, so I decided on frog salt&pepper shakers instead. Also cute!

  4. Carolyn said:

    These are William Morris designs(ie Liberty of London) and are available in the Gift Shop at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London- Yes, they are on-line and post internationally- I live in Australia but saw them in London last week