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gorgeous accessories


I know I said I wouldn’t be posting too much until June 1, but one post every now and then is ok, right?  besides, I couldn’t let these gorgeous necklaces from Snoozer Loser just sit in my inbox without sharing them with you.  as you may know, I’ve got a serious thing for geodes, crystals and gemstones and these babies officially made it to my wish list this morning.

{from snoozer loser}


forget me not


hi friends, I want to apologize in advance for light posting over the next few weeks.  I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment and as much as I don’t want to let myself do it, I feel that it’s time to take a little break.

I hope to be back in full force on June 1 and I promise when I come back I’ll be refreshed and armed with new inspiration, plus the debut of that new project I’ve been working on.  in the mean time check out my wonderful blog roll, catch me on my flickr stream and I’ll miss you guys!!