a cactus bride and groom


dlb and I have been thinking about creative ways to include succulents and airplants into our wedding decor.  how pretty is this bouquet, made of nothing but succulents?  and that bride and groom cactus – so cute!

{from once wed}

19 Responses to “a cactus bride and groom”

  1. erin said:

    very pretty. can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. denise said:

    Alyson,can u let me know if u received my email about the header,I keep getting them kicked back to me days later…d

  3. Vivi said:

    I love that bouquet! So pretty with the different textures and nuanced colors. Very clever.

  4. Becky said:

    ACK! The bride and groom cactus would be the most original and inexpensive cake topper I’ve seen in AGES. Super cute!

  5. Dog-Eared said:

    oh my, those bride and groom cacti are just too funny! i’d love to meet the person who thought of that.

  6. Jean P said:

    Love, love, love the bouquet! Ditto the cactus bride and groom. Your creations? If so, kudos galore. Way too creative to ignore.

  7. Lina said:

    Lovely, you can put some white renanculus in there two!

  8. Sarah said:

    Super cute and so unique! They really remind me of my native Southwest home. It makes me miss it!

  9. Jen said:

    I love it!! I think its adorable!!

  10. adelle said:

    hahah… what’s with cacti lately?! Oh, Don’t mind me…it’s just that I stumbled across some reallllly cute crocheted cacti on Etsy and the lovely creator of them has kindly offered one as a prize in a GIVE AWAY I’m running on my blog.

    Have a look at: http://www.adelle.com.au/crocheted-cacti-giveaway/

    Entries close on June 11th!

    Come and say hi.

  11. Jessica said:

    I too adore succulents. What an amazing bouquet! I would be worried about it being fragile. I was planting some succulents this weekend, and broke off a handful of little leafs.