a holme giveaway!


I’ve got a fantastic giveaway for you my friends!!  as a thank you to everyone who has been loving the amazing eye candy and vintage finds over at Holme, Genevieve has decided to do a fun give-away. there is lots of great new things that have been added since last week, including the kick off for the Holme Editions project, a series of limited edition paperworks.

so if you haven’t yet, take a look at Holme and leave a comment here by this Thursday night, May 14, and a winner will be picked at random on Friday. the winner will recieve a $25.00 purchase credit toward anything in the store.  pretty exciting right?  I know I’ve got my eye on that backless cashmere sweater… ooo la la!  so let the commenting begin and good luck!

79 Responses to “a holme giveaway!”

  1. Melissa J. said:

    I visited Holme earlier today, actually, and I fell hard for that backless sweater. So lovely.

  2. Pattie Cordova said:

    ooo la la is right on! Love that backless cashmere sweater. perfect for summer nights

  3. tiffany said:

    sure, thanks alyson! i’ll take one!
    what an awesome giveaway! thanks for hosting!

  4. Anabela said:

    Oh the shop is so lovely. I clicked on every item last night.

    I just noticed my blog is “blog of the week!” I am so touched. Thank you. xo

  5. Kim said:

    I love Holme – I want to buy everything in it. Really good vintage taste.

  6. Erica said:

    Count me in! Wonderful selections of goodies…I’m drooling.

  7. Meghan said:

    Ooooh, I really like the wool challis skirt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Nicole said:

    yay cute! i am kind of in love with everything there

  9. Heidi Jo said:

    I think my wardrobe needs the highwaist zip front leather skirt BADLY.

  10. April said:

    YES. I’ve been seeing this shop pop up in my google reader for a while now. I love it.

  11. Natalie said:

    a) i like your blog
    b) i like holme
    c) i like give-aways
    d) i think you and dlb are really cute

  12. JD said:

    Oooo… I like the Ferragamo black suede lace up shoes~

  13. debbie said:

    i can’t stop thinking about holme. what a great shop!

  14. allison said:

    I’m loving so many things on Holme – great giveaway!! Thanks!

  15. Laura Brown said:

    OH yes, please!

  16. Roberta Jane said:

    I am seriously loving her shop! I was thinking of doing a little post on her well-edited assortment!

  17. shari said:

    i’ve been following holme ever since you first posted about it. so many wonderful items. love that pier poster!

  18. sarah said:

    oooh, may I join the pool? Thanks! I love that Dior vest – and the mustard wool shell!

  19. Alice said:

    Holme – great name and great shop!

  20. Whitney said:

    I would love to win this giveaway and treat myself to something nice.

  21. kate! said:

    oooOOOOoooo so lovely!!

  22. Jax said:

    Beautiful site! I can think of a hundred ways to use that $25…

  23. Laura said:

    Thank you for the chance! :) I adore your website and I look to it often for inspiration!

  24. Selene said:

    oh wow! i’ve never heard of this brand before! i am in need of some classy clothing though :) would be cool to have the opportunity to shop there.

    may the best commenter win and have a great week!

  25. Bear Pallasch said:

    I think I’m going to buy that lace dress for my wedding! I’m in love with it!

  26. Charly said:

    i am in love with the mustard shell top! lovely!

  27. Andrea said:

    Alright interwebs, if there is a time for me to win something, it’s now! *smile*

  28. Heather said:

    Fun clothes! I really enjoy the Black and White Accordian Pleat Drape Top. The pattern is great!

  29. lauren p. said:

    i have been admiring holme for about a month now and have had my eye on multiple things! this would be the perfect reason to bite the bullet and just GET something already!

  30. amelia said:

    mmm I love Holme. I bought a wonderful dress from Genevieve a few weeks ago and can’t stop wearing it…

  31. Anna said:

    Such artful presentation of these clothes. I’ve been checking the site now and again, and I’m always impressed. Count me in! Thanks.

  32. Jai said:

    Holme rocks my tits. I hope I win.

  33. mikaela said:

    a fan from far away.. consider my name entered!

  34. Leslie said:

    I have fallen in love with the metallic clutch. I’ll cross my fingers!

  35. Karen said:

    Ooo, I’d love to win! I’ve already bought a pair of pants from Holme after hearing about the shop on your site! What a great collection she has.

  36. jane said:

    i am in love with the blazers.

  37. Jessie said:

    I think that white linen jacket would play very nicely with some of my summer dresses…but then again, the steel grey “bladerunner” blouse is just badass.

  38. Catherine Lloyd said:

    Very interesting collection, new to me. Thanks! (I love your blog.)

  39. Amanda said:

    I love so many things in the store! And I really like the selection of men’s clothes. My husband would look so amazing in some of that stuff.

  40. Vanessa said:

    Your blog is truly inspirational! Count me in for the giveaway. :)

  41. trinsch said:

    oh yes! that backless cashmere sweater is indeed gorgeous. looked around but returned to that. and realized it’s by a fellow dane, camilla staerk. a designer i absolutely love. so much for trying out new things :)

  42. emily tzeng said:

    everything looks so lovely!

  43. Karen said:

    yay vintage clothes!

  44. rebekah said:

    I wouldn’t even know what to choose. Some much loveliness.

  45. Lily said:

    I would love to win! I am in high school.

  46. juli said:

    i love holme! i always look forward to their updates!

  47. Shokoofeh said:

    pick me! pick me! :D

    {I don’t know why but I couldn’t open the link…}

  48. Jen S said:

    I am always blown away by the sharp style of Holme.
    And that white flight jacket is amazing!

  49. C said:

    oh, holme. you rock my socks off and back again.

  50. Sam said:

    Ahh, I hope I’m not too late! They have some lovely things there.

  51. NeonRelish said:

    Love the layout on Holme, and the site’s functionality – not to mention the assortment!