a little interview


Jessica of the Shiny Squirrel asked me to participate in her Little Interview series.  read my interview here.  thanks again Jessica!

6 Responses to “a little interview”

  1. Amy Nieto said:

    Great little interview :) I would love to hear you play the piano some day. OMG WE COULD HAVE A BAND!…. not that I can play any instrument or sing but…. WOUDLNT THAT BE AWESOME!

  2. eunice said:

    I read it! I’m glad you’re a LOST fan too. Did you watch the finale last night??

  3. Martha said:

    great interview, my other half and i do the same thing when it comes to jeopardy only we keep score. it gets pretty hairy sometimes!

  4. natalie said:

    I really enjoyed your interview! I look forward to seeing more from this “vintage stamp” project!