bouquet sash


how pretty is this belt? I think it would look simply stunning in place of the sash on this dress.

{from j. crew}

9 Responses to “bouquet sash”

  1. Helen said:

    They are happy flowers, indeed. J.Crew is constantly impressing me with their belty/sashy things, mostly in satin and involving flowers of one kind or another. Love the idea to replace another sash with this.

  2. Jane Flanagan said:

    Stunning! Though I can’t help wondering how hard it wuld be to make…

  3. Becky said:

    Is it just me or have they really been stepping up their game lately? Every catalog I get is more fun than the last! So many great looks, all so effortless. (Though when I try to replicate it, I often just look rumpled!) :)

  4. cevd said:

    i love this and thought the same thing when i saw it. so pretty.