forget me not


hi friends, I want to apologize in advance for light posting over the next few weeks.  I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment and as much as I don’t want to let myself do it, I feel that it’s time to take a little break.

I hope to be back in full force on June 1 and I promise when I come back I’ll be refreshed and armed with new inspiration, plus the debut of that new project I’ve been working on.  in the mean time check out my wonderful blog roll, catch me on my flickr stream and I’ll miss you guys!!


10 Responses to “forget me not”

  1. chelsea said:

    wow! I adore this photo. You’ve captured this flower perfectly. Enjoy your break, Alyson!!

  2. Jane Flanagan said:

    You deserve a break! Hope you come back refreshed and inspired. Now, go have some fun!

  3. Real Card Studio said:

    Take your time, your blog is so beautiful, there is plenty to look at! Your meticulous organization and beautiful layout is so pleasing, so very well done.

  4. B, said:

    LOVELY photooo!!
    I always read you =) although I almost never comment…
    but we’ll miss you too!!!
    Breaks are so necessary sometimes, so enjoy and have a great time… and lots of fun!
    C ya!!

  5. Helen said:

    Will miss you, but understand completely. Looking forward to June 1st, when you’re back in {blogging} action.

    Enjoy the time off.

  6. leni said:

    love the tiny flowers. we’ll be waiting patiently for your return!