lotsa colors


I’m loving the gloss colors that Lisa has been using to coat the inside of her tripod pots.  isn’t her work beautiful?  I’m the newest owner of a dent 1 finger mug and I looooove it.
more from our collaboration soon.

{from pigeon toe ceramics}

12 Responses to “lotsa colors”

  1. Jen said:

    Oh gosh…those are just too pretty. I would have to get all of them!

  2. erin said:

    awesome colors. can’t wait to see more!

  3. Kathleen said:

    These are gorgeous. I am such a sucker for white pottery . . . especially when it has a pop of color somewhere.

  4. Jai said:

    So pretty and fun – they’re like cupcakes that you can put cupcakes in. And I LOVE cupcakes.

  5. denise said:

    Hey alyson..I resent the email I had forgot the dash in unruly things..let me know if u get it

  6. denise said:

    I got ur email and yes that will work…my reply email bounced back to me,lol