my ring


a lot of people have asked me about my engagement ring.  it’s a gorgeous rose cut grey diamond from jewelry designer Kate Szabone.  dlb did real good picking out a ring that was entirely me and I love every little thing about it.  all the speckles in the grey diamond, the way the rose cut makes it sparkle from every angle, and that organic hammered gold band.  if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional engagement ring, I highly recommend Kate.  she is a fantastic designer and all of her work is beautifully crafted.


25 Responses to “my ring”

  1. Anabela said:

    I recommend her too! My engagement ring was from her too, and I love it to pieces.

  2. Georgia said:

    this is so beautifully simple. wow. i am almost speechless and almost ready to go get my husband to show him. just kidding. i love my ring. but this one is wonderful.

  3. Darci said:

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a grey diamond. It is truly so beautiful!

  4. Katie said:

    It’s truly a rarity to see such a simple, beautiful ring in an age of overindulgence and boastful women wearing rocks too heavy for dainty fingers. Gorgeous!

  5. belinda/gretchenmist said:

    had to pop in and say how great this looks. funny how u know deep down that you’ll love something like this forever :)

  6. Beatriz said:

    That is an amazing ring! I love the simplicity and the uniqueness. I hate the same ole’ diamond ring! Yours is beautiful!

    It’s so romantic that he knew your style! You really must belong together! How lovely!

  7. Melissa said:

    Love it! And, Kate Szabone – she made my wedding bands. She’s so easy to work with and her jewelry is gorgeous. Congrats!

  8. jen jafarzadeh said:

    I’ve never seen a ring like — just stunning. And gray — amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  9. amy said:

    ahh! it’s so beautiful alyson, and so you! i love it. i love when you share personal stuff like this. i am missing your 366 series. are you still doing something like that?

  10. Aran said:

    it’s beautiful alyson. modern, simple, cool, unique…

  11. Kathleen said:

    I just posted about these rings the other day! I was wearing a necklace of hers I hadn’t worn in a while and thought I would see what new things she had. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous and timeless – really lovely.