one love


I never considered myself much of a romper lover. however, I’m quite fond of these two floral numbers.

{from urban outfitters}

7 Responses to “one love”

  1. erin said:

    too cute. i think i could romp quite joyfully in one of these!

  2. Hello Kelli said:

    I absolutely love rompers, and these are so cute! What a great find! I will have to post about these as well…

  3. k-ron said:

    agreed — they are very cute! but i’m still unwilling to take the plunge.

  4. alisa said:

    i never thought i would wear a romper either. but i came to the conclusion shopping yesterday that i will probably be in one by summers end.

  5. Karen said:

    I have also recently fell i love with rompers. I am currently on a hunt for one that fits me perfectly. I have been finding that it is a bit harder to get a perfect fit!! But I will persevere in my search!!

  6. Jewel said:

    Yay I have the green one! always looks cute. only problem is , people tell me I look ready to hit the beach in it, whether or not it is beach-weather..
    I am on the hunt for a more sophisticated, less-beachy one..