oh how I love them

by the way, I thought you might enjoy my Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

13 Responses to “rananculas”

  1. Eef said:

    I agree! There lovely!
    Congrats with your great blog. I can’t help but check it every day to see some more of your new stunning eyecandy!!!
    How do you do this???

  2. Lynn said:

    Your photo is so lovely. These flowers are some of my very favorites, too!

  3. Andrea said:

    So darling. My most favorite flower. My entire wedding bouquet was made up of Rananculas and Moneky Tail. Everyone was jealous. :)

  4. Andrea said:

    Oh! Post Script. Congratulations on the engagement! What a lucky guy!

  5. Jen said:

    oh yes, always. They are like the perfect flower to photograph. And another pie recipe to try…

  6. paula said:

    Just lovely. I can’t wait to check out the recipe.

  7. mrs. french said:

    me too, me too…I have been dying to head over to ink and peat and gather up a bunch of them…these are so beautiful! you captured them perfectly…xo t

    (not the pie., the flowers…although the pie would be nice too)

  8. Megan said:

    I love these flowers. I just bought some from the farmer’s market and I love them!

  9. Shelby said:

    I love them, too! When are they in season? I tried to get them for my summer wedding 3 years ago and no-one had them!