sneaker sneak


I need some summer shoes to throw on to walk to the farmers market & for picking berries or simply for playing around town.  I like these shoes from Bensimon and tried some on last summer but does anyone have them and know how comfortable they are or how well they hold up?  or do you have some suggestions friends? I need something to last me as I walk miles and miles….

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  1. lily said:

    here are the ones that I use for all those things:


    well mine are actually the older version…but they
    hold up very well and Simple Shoes is a good company. Here’s the story- I was on my familys farm in
    Vermont and we were up away from the house swimming
    at a pond when there was a thunderstorm! We had to
    race back in the mucky mud…but my shoes are perfectly
    normal now! they’re great

  2. jess said:

    have ‘em. got a pair last summer and they are perfect.

  3. Michelle said:

    Hi Alyson – I was just back in France and I noticed women wearing Bensimons all over the place (I remember schoolfriends wearing them too, so they’ve certainly stuck around). My guess is that they’re pretty comfy…and I’d like a pair too!

  4. debbie said:

    ooh i need these.

    nice to see you and your man at lunch!

  5. erin said:

    alyson, i have a lovely little pair in olive green. i adore them, but i can’t say they are very comfortable…definitely comparable to the basic white keds that i wore as a kid…no real support, a fair share of little blisters, and you can most assuredly feel the gravel under your feet. that being said, i’m not sure how much they cost in the us, but in france they’re pretty cheap…might be worth having for a sometimes sneaker!

  6. erin said:

    eh, ben, non…i just saw the us price…i’d say you could find comfier for that price! ok…i’m all done…sorry for the lengthy comments!

  7. Roberta Jane said:

    I love the look of these, but after seeing them in person I probably would not buy a pair. I practically lived in my TOMS last summer, they are shockingly comfortable and you can wash them in the machine! Also, I know it sounds weird, but the fake-keds from Payless are far more comfortable than the real deal (strange but true, in my opinion).

  8. Jane Flanagan said:

    I got Tretorns last year and loved them. I walk everywhere and they held up perfectly. I’m trying Jack Purcell Converse right now.

  9. e.soule said:

    I know it is such a Portland cliche, but I adore my converse. They’re are a bit flat footed, but in the summer I can wear them with or without socks and they feel good. I recommend the ones without laces that have elastic hidden in the tongue. I got mine at Shoefly on 11th.

  10. karine said:

    if you find people wearing Bensimon’s shoes in france (Bensimon is a French brand) is because they are very confortable. They have been doing those models (with a few modifications over the years) for many years. I think I already had some when I was 15 and now I am 35. I love all my pairs, they have them in many colours and designs, and they usually last for a long time.

  11. kate said:

    i bought a pair of bensimons and i adore them. i have worn my fair share of converse sneakers but i think these are so much more dainty and feminine. i don’t think they are shoes to be worn for the long haul but they are definitely eye candy when they are on your feet.

  12. Lindsay said:

    I don’t have these shoes- however, I live in switzerland (known for its crazy hills, as I’m sure you are aware), where mostly everyone walks all day to get around and ALL the teenagers and 20-somethings have converse or Bensimons. I figure if they can walk in them all day then you should be good :)

  13. mai said:

    i am a french girl, bensimon’s are fantastic shoes, you can wash them in your washing machine!
    i wear them when i was 12 years old and now too,for summer,it’ s so easy,my little daughter wear them now at school,and beacause they are not expensive wee have them in a lot of color! you can see,another version here:


  14. Charly said:

    I bought some in the fall and I’ve used them ever since. They are fantastic to just throw into a backpack or suitcase, as they are so small and light, and just go. I love them.

  15. Melissa said:

    I’d suggest Supergas. I’ve been wearing them for years. Great color selection, comfortable (even without socks), look good and last…

  16. Lina said:

    I lived in france for some years and bensimon was my uniform (the clothing is just amazing) the shoes looks very good and the fit right, but they are not the most comfortable shoes to walk all day. The sole is rather thin so in parisian summer it got rather hot. For looks they are awesome, maybe a party or farmers market, have you checked for the bensimon tennis-ballerinas? they are really cute and they look lovely with skirts and dresses.

  17. erica said:

    you may know about this discount, but shopbop has a 25% coupon (inthefamily25) until midnight tonight, if you’re thinking of ordering the bensimons. i am in love with the purple ones, so i may go ahead and order a pair even though it sounds like they aren’t the best for all-day walking.

  18. BRYNN said:

    Actually urban outfitters is selling them in really cute colors, they are on promo for $39…..GREAT SHOES

  19. amanda said:

    i got a pair of them about a year ago and i wore them all the time. they are super comfy, but not a lot of support so if you are doing a lot of walking they can feel not so great by the end of the day. i wore a hole on the sole at the ball of the foot through mine last weekend, after about 11 months of owning them…like i said i wore them a lot and they had about a year expiration date on them.

  20. Kristine said:

    I heartily endorse these shoes. I bought a pair at the start of our summer and by the end of summer I had another four pairs. Not because I’m shoe obsessed – just because I was living in nothing else and, at the price, felt I could justify a few colours. They were super comfortable and the perfect thing to wear on my feet while pregnant and carrying an extra 20 or so pounds.

  21. joanna goddard said:

    these are SO cute! i heard they aren’t that comfy for long walks, but are nice for quick jaunts.

  22. mylissa said:

    not only are you getting incredibly comfy and affordable shoes.
    they last a long time as well as you would be supporting a great cause.

  23. jen jafarzadeh said:

    These are super cute. I have the Vans Authentic Lo Downs and they’ve been holding up well so far.

  24. Julia said:

    I have 6 pairs of Bensimons and I love them and have been obsessed with them for years. I wear shoes really really hard & walk miles in them and they haven’t worn out. ( most of them are over 2 years old too). The great things is you can stick them in the washing machine and dryer and they look good as new. I’m happy they are more available in the US now, I couldn’t find them anywhere little less than a year ago.

  25. Sarah said:

    I have just had to (sadly) bin my basic white Bensimon plimsolls from last summer as I wore them through completely to my socks! They are totally classic and great for kicking around but I wouldn’t wear them for a more serious tramp through the countryside as the soles are pretty thin…
    Still classic, but a little sturdier are spring courts (http://www.springcourtusa.com/ is the US site) – which have padded insoles which smell minty fresh (literally!.

  26. Amélie said:

    Those shoes are a big hit in France, but let me tell you they are not meant to last. In France they’re cheap so you can change of colour every now and then but if you have to ship them, it’s not worth it. Yes they’re stylish but won’t support your long trips around your world.

  27. east side bride said:

    Please don’t buy those simple shoes. Or Tom’s. Ick. (Why do eco-friendly shoes have to be so ugly??)

    I love my bensimon high tops. The support isn’t the best, but otherwise they are super comfortable. And the colors rock. Two shades of grey to chose from? I. Die.

  28. Nadine said:

    I walk a lot in my Bensimons.

    I found that my heels were getting very sore after long walks because there is no support at all. I put some in soles in them and they are now perfect :)

  29. Alexander Hall said:

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